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Turning myself into a lighthouse, at the foot of an endangered glacier, I shed light on the natural elements that surround me. Rock, water, plants, at the same time eternal and fragile. When the daylight comes, the sun turns my body into a shadow on the rock.

The making of my sculpture Heart of Gold for Art in Bosco, Switzerland


Rooted 1:00
Female (?), Dutch (?), white (?), heterosexual (?)… My identity is made up out of so many ingredients, so many histories, people, races and cultures. Being human, you are part of me and I am part of all.


She shell – fragment of my performance, unburying myself from a mound of sea shells.  Cheuk-do, South Korea


A purification performance in India



In the pine circle of I-Park, I became a bear. East-Haddam, USA, 2015


Talking about the source of life and spirit that I received from my mother Elza.


A collaboration art project with Pat van Boeckel for the Setouchi Triennial, Japan 2013


An ephemeral art intervention with autumn leaves in Cuandixia and Beijing, China.




A collaboration project with Pat van Boeckel for the Environmental Art Festival Scotland 2012


A short story about shifting layers in life (self-portrait)




Land art Mongolia 2010. How to become a stone?




Ephemeral art intervention in Karamea, NZ 2010


Predicting the past refers to an old Russian tradition where women read the future by dripping candle wax into water. It was inspired by a poem of Osip Mandelstam:
Tristia (1918)

So be it: the little transparent figure
lies on the clean earthen plate
like a squirted skin being stretched.
A girl bends to study the wax.
Who are we to guess at the hell of the Greeks?
Wax for women, bronze for men:
our lot falls to us in the field, fighting,
but to them death comes as they tell fortunes.

It was a part of my travelling exhibition Staying with Stalin/digesting history



Video story about my artist residency in Kamiyama (KAIR) 2008